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After 35,000 years of being extinct, they are back — and it’s a whole new adventure with them through the magic of DNA and cloning.

After 35,000 years of being extinct, they are back — and it’s a whole new adventure with them through the magic of DNA and cloning.

The books feature fictional stories about several groups of Neanderthals who come back, though the possibility of Neanderthals returning in the near future is very real, given advances in modern technology!

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A Quick Overview of the Books

The Neanderthals are Back

The books in The Neanderthals Are Back series begin with Neanderthals that are brought back by two scientists with the help of surrogate mothers.  The Neanderthals are secretly raised in a lab with the help of a nursery school teacher, and at six, they are brought to a group home.

But their secret is soon breached when they are discovered by the cops and the media.

The Rise of the Force

The owner of a company that makes robots learns about the first successful effort to bring back the Neanderthals and decides to bring back his own Neanderthals with the help of other scientists. At first, he turns these Neanderthals into a workforce more cost-effective and efficient than robots.

When three detectives learn how well these Neanderthal employees are working out, they pick the six best to help them find and catch criminals.

The Rise of the Gang

The leader of a criminal gang learns about the team of Neanderthals working for the cops. He decides to create and train his own gang of Neanderthals, who will help them commit crimes and protect their gang members from the cops.

Eventually, the New Neanderthals Gang comes into contact and conflict with the New Neanderthals Force.

All My Neanderthals

All My Neanderthals provides an introductory taste of these first two books in condensed form.

Who Are the Neanderthals, Really?

A book of images of the Neanderthal in history and in modern day cartoons.  The first part features images of Neanderthal skeletons and bones, reconstructions of the Neanderthals’ appearance, and recreations of their way of life.

The second part features cartoons of Neanderthals, including cartoons were traditional Neanderthals meet modern day technologies.

Elizabeth Warren gives the neanderthal book series an enthusiastic THUMBS UP!

A Coming TV Series and Film

These books on the Neanderthals are also being turned into a TV series, with each chapter as an episode. Some possible titles are The New World Neanderthals, All My Neanderthals, and Keeping Up with the Neanderthals. The final name will be announced soon.

Dolls, Posters, Greeting Cards, and More

The images of the Neanderthals are being turned into Neanderthal dolls, too.  You’ll also see them on posters, greeting cards, and more.   

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