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“All My Neanderthals: An Introduction”  Features excerpts from the first two books in a fiction series: The Neanderthals Are Back and The New World Neanderthals. The book also includes a brief introduction to who the Neanderthals are, how and where they lived, and why they suddenly went extinct about 35,000 years ago after living successfully for over 200,000 years.

The Neanderthals Are Back tells the story of the first two scientists to bring back six Neanderthals through cloning and the help of a surrogate mother. After they are raised in a lab for five years with the help of a nursery school teacher, they are placed in a group home. Afterwards they experience a series of adventures and challenges as they grow up.

The New World Neanderthals: The Rise of the Force tells the story of the owner of a robot factory who hears about the success of the first Neanderthals. He decides to enlist the help of other scientists to bring back Neanderthals to form a workforce using them instead of robots. After he does so successfully, a team of detectives recruit six of the Neanderthals to help them find and a capture criminals that the cops have been unable to. Once they are trained, this new Neanderthal force goes on a series of missions.

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