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Neanderthals are Back

Today, there is more and more interest in Neanderthals and a new awareness that we share about 2% of our DNA with them. So what would happen if scientists could use the Neanderthal DNA to bring the Neanderthals back by cloning with the help of surrogate mothers?

It’s a reality that’s closer than ever, as scientists work on bringing back many extinct species.

The Neanderthals Are Back is a book and TV series based on this premise. The Beginning is the first of a series of stories about the life of Neanderthals growing up in modern society after two scientists bring them back. This book and first TV episode focuses on the story of the first six Neanderthal babies as they grow up. At first they are raised in the lab in secret and taught by a nursery school teacher. When the children are five and six, with the brain power of a modern four or five year old, the scientists place them with the owners of a group home for children with disabilities.

The stories follow the Neanderthal children, as they grow up, go to school, have relationships with other children, go through their teenage years, and start working in unskilled jobs in their early 20s. Along the way they face many challenges, including bullying, romances with humans, and a strike for better working conditions. Some even participate in experiments where they get a genius pill that makes them suddenly smart for a while. Meanwhile, scientists in other areas of the country bring back other Neanderthal kids.

The series also raises many issues that might occur should the Neanderthals be brought back, which could really happen.

It is available on Amazon in a paperback, Kindle, hardback, and in other digital formats through Draft2Digital, and will soon be an audiobook.

The paperback is on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Neanderthals-Are-Back-Beginning-Scientists/dp/1080433473 

The Kindle edition is at a super low introductory price of only .99c at https://www.amazon.com/Neanderthals-Are-Back-Beginning-Scientists-ebook/dp/B07V2VPPJT