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What if the abilities of the Neanderthals — being strong, aggressive, good vision, and working together as a team in a hunt — could be put to use in modern America?

That’s the premise behind The New World Neanderthals: The Rise of the Force.  After a factory owner with a team of robots manufacturing and shipping its products decides to work with scientists to create a team of Neanderthals. Then some detectives think the robots could help the catch criminals using low tech methods, starting with capturing an escaped prisoner who has fled into the desert and then into the rocky hills and mountains.

The book, now on Kindle at  with a paperback and audiobook coming soon, is a continuing story begun in The Neanderthals Are Back which has gotten five-star reviews on Amazon.  In this first book, The Beginning, six Neanderthal children created from cloning, grow up as babies in a lab where they are taught by a nursery school teacher. Then, they go to a group home, get discovered by the media, become foster kids, attend elementary school, and become teens and young adults. Along the way, they face many challenges because of their differences from modern humans.

The Rise of the Force builds on this story after the factory owner hears about this first group and creates this new generation of Neanderthals leading to the formation of the Force.

The New World Neanderthals is an especially timely series, because of the renewed interest in Neanderthals, who have long been maligned in illustrations and cartoons as dumb ugly brutes. But recent research, at the foundation of these series, shows they are not. Rather they had certain valuable skills that helped them survive over hundreds of thousands of years and spread over much of Europe and Eurasia before going extinct about 35,000 years ago.

So potentially, they could become the new modern superheroes, offering their old time abilities to help solve the problems of today. There is even now a Facebook page — @neanderthalsareback — which is devoted to reviving interest in the Neanderthals and sharing their real story.

Coming soon are a line of Neanderthal dolls, games, greeting cards, and posters. These projects are being coordinated by Jones & O’Malley, based in the Los Angeles area.


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